Law Promo Launches New Website For the Ghassemkhani Law

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As the week comes to a close, we launch yet another attorney website design for Ghassemkhani Law.

The Ghassemkhani Law Firm found us online after searching on Google for law firm website design in which we’re ranked within the top five. Without any previous web presence, the Ghassemkhani Law Firm thought it was time to get into the game and started searching for the right design company to design their lawyer website. They spoke with our sales representative who happily answered all their questions and invited them to look at Law Promo’s Law Firm Web Design Portfolio to see if any caught their eye. After a little more research and inquiries for other design firms, the Ghassemkhani Law Firm decided we had the best price for website design services and signed on telling us which of our websites they liked best.

The lawyer website designs that most appealed to their firm were our criminal lawyer website designs. Like a number of our criminal defense lawyer clients, Mr. Ghassemkhani wanted a unique website design that would stand out among his competition. He favored darker colors and a strong content presentation. As a result, our design team decided to create his attorney web design with a color scheme of blue and black. We made changes to traditional layout of the website to include a varied content structure that would display different pieces of content inviting visitors to click for more information.

The first thing a visitor will notice is the logo at the top left corner. To enhance the logo’s visibility and to draw wandering eyes, the team added a navy blue highlight shadow to produce an illuminating effect. To the right of the logo is the contact information and office locations for the Ghassemkhani Law Firm. The main menu is presented below in white font against a navy blue menu bar. Below the menu bar is a photo loop depicting the Ghassemkhani Law Firm in the media. The photo loop is sandwiched between a graphic and the recent case results for the firm. The body of the website is split into three elements: practice areas, firm introduction, and even more media exposure.

The Ghassemkhani Law Firm wanted a lawyer website design that would enhance their exposure and professionalism and we feel we succeeded with the website shown above. Ghassemkhani Law is located in Southern California with a number of office locations scattered around SoCal. Their primary practice areas include the following:

Assault & Battery
Robbery & Burglary
Murder & Manslaughter
Drug Crimes
Sex Crimes | Rape & Child Molest
Domestic Violence
Child Abuse
Fraud Crimes | Tax, Insurance & Mortgage Fraud
Theft Crimes
Disorderly Conduct
Obstruction of Justice
Resisting Arrest
Conspiracy Charges
White Collar Crimes
Hit & Run
Vehicular Manslaughter
Death Penalty
Pimping and Prostitution
Gun Charges

If you’d like to learn more about this lawyer website design or are in need of consultation regarding the practice areas shown above, we invite you to visit and explore the attorney web design for the Ghassemkhani Law.