Law Promo Launches Jung & Yuen, LLP Law Firm Website

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law firm website design

Today, Law Promo is proud to announce the completion of our newest project, a law firm website for Jung & Yuen LLP, specialists in business and financial law.

This attorney website has a classic grid a layout which is easy to navigate, but there are a couple modern features that make it stand out above the competition.  The image slider features a handful of high resolution photos, keeping the website very aesthetically interesting to the viewer.  The photos are of Los Angeles, which makes it obvious to the viewer where this firm is located, but deeper than that, these pictures all create a sense of high energy levels, representing the diligence and hard work ethic of our client.

Additionally, it is important that the practice areas stand out as a key feature of the website.  This is achieved by not just listing practice areas in the text, but by creating dark rectangles for each individual practice area.  Each of these rectangles has the practice area in large font and a picture to go along with it.  This ensures that as the end users skim down to the content, they will immediately notice what our client specializes in.  If this firm has what the user is looking for, then it is likely that initial contact will be made for further info, thus increasing the amount of potential customers for our client.

You can check out Jung & Yuen, LLP, and see if you would be interested in a law firm website similar to theirs.