Law Promo Launches Houlé Law APC Website

Categories: Website Launches.

Today we are pleased to launch the Houlé Law APC Website for Attorney Lisa Houle, an accomplished, experienced trial lawyer based in Los Angeles. This website features a clean, fully-responsive design, creating a comfortable viewing experience on any device or platform.

Lisa Houlé is an experienced lawyer, with more than 15 years of experience as a L.A county prosecutor and trial lawyer. Lisa has a thorough understanding of trial law in a variety of case types and practice areas. One particular section of the website includes her decorated business excellence in the tagline: RELATIONSHIPS. RESPECT. RESULTS.

The site utilizes vivid, easy-to-see calls to action and lays content out in an easily readable, easy to follow format and style. The color scheme employed on the home page is used consistently throughout the website and ample white space gives the content ample space and makes the user experience simple and easy-to-follow. There are also numerous areas on the site to contact Houlé Law and find additional information on specific law practice areas. The site design and navigation is laid-out well and makes finding information efficient and quick.

Other great features of the Houlé Law APC Website include a bright client testimonial section on the home page and a symmetrical and concise layout of important content organized consistently throughout her website. The imagery on the home page ties in well with the content and matches the look and feel of the website design.