Law Promo Launches Finn Shapiro LLC Website

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Finn Law Firm Website

Today, Law Promo proudly launches the new attorney website design of the Minneapolis, Minnesota Personal Injury Law firm: Finn Shapiro, LLC. Finn Shapiro LLC is a civil trial firm that handles personal injury, product liability and property claims. Finn Shapiro LLC also handles select defense cases. Allan F. Shapiro has defended personal injury claims for a large national trucking and school bus company for thirty years. The trucking and school bus business has presented Mr. Shapiro with a wide variety of claims, ranging from wrongful death and significant injury claims to the arbitration of no-fault claims.

Our design team wanted to convey the firm’s message: “Champions of your cause, Guardians of your interest”. So, in keeping with a Champion and Guardian theme for this legal website design, the color scheme chosen was a mixture of red, white, and gray. The subdued colors give the effect of a humble champion or guardian who stands up for the people. The legal website design’s header features a mixture of photos that illustrate the firm’s theme and message. On the left and on the home page is a list of the Minessota firm’s practice areas and underneath is a quick contact form for the convenience of the website’s visitors.

The Finn Shapiro LLC is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. If you’d like to learn more about this law firm website design, visit Finn Shapiro LLC.