Law Promo Launches Feldman & Wallach Website

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Law Firm Website Design

Our latest legal website launch is of the Feldman & Wallach design. The website displays the knowledge and accomplishments of the attorneys in a professional and user-friendly space, as well as some additional pages for building connections with their visitors.

A deep maroon is the characterizing color on this website, bringing a solemness and authority to the website content. Each practice area page has a large amount of content, which is ideal both for educating potential clients and for improving search engine ranking. The firm’s contact information and a contact form is also located prominently on every page for easy use.

The main menu contains a page titled “Arrested?”, which provides instructions for individuals that have been arrested and specifies the information the attorneys will need. Client-friendly pages like these that really focus on the needs and circumstances of specific cases is always recommended, and makes a great impression on those undergoing a difficult time. They’ve also included a blog in their website, which allows the content on their website to stay fresh.

Feldman & Wallach is located in Venice, California and offers legal services related to criminal defense and civil litigation. For more information, visit Feldman & Wallach.