Law Promo Launches David R. Bennett, Esq. & Associates New Website

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Bennett, Esq. & Associates Website

This morning, Law Promo launched the David R. Bennett & Associates website. The website features a simple design with a professional feel and intuitive layout. We used three essential web design techniques get this website the very best possible results.

1. Clear Navigation Aids

On every attorney website, there should be informative pages that educate your clients and help them make the decision to trust you as an attorney. However, if they can’t find those pages or navigate your website, all the effort you invested in writing those long paragraphs of information will be completely wasted. On this site, we used a convenient sidebar graphic that helps visitors go straight to the information from almost any page.

2. Contact Options

Each of your potential clients is going to have a different preference on how they want to be contacted. That’s why its important to provide a number of different options for your clients to reach you. In this case, the firm has three options: email, phone, or contact form. The website also showcases their location options for those who live in different areas of Florida.

3. Attorney Image on Every Page

Why do potential clients choose your firm instead of another? In many cases, it comes down to a matter of trust. People feel–based on both logic and intuition–that they can trust your firm to represent them the best. Providing a clear attorney image on every page speaks to the transparency of your firm and creates and immediate emotional connection with your visitors.

David R. Bennet & Associates is an estate and trust law firm with four locations in Florida in Fort Lauderdale, Sarasota, Tampa and West Palm Beach. They offer services under estate litigation including estate and trust construction, will and testament disputes, trust litigation, elder abuse, and many more. They also provide representation for guardian litigation and estate administration cases. To learn more and view their website, visit David R. Bennett, Esq. & Associates.