Law Promo Launches David J. Myers Law Website

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Legal website design

We are proud to launch a law firm website for David J. Meyers, a real estate and business attorney.

Our client was big on visuals, which is always a good way to symbolize the message of the content, so there is a variety of header images for different pages within the website.  This use of visuals is effective at introducing the reader to the tone of the content before they even begin to read it, causing an immediate emotional response that creates a connection to the message.

The color scheme also was developed with the main practice areas in mind.  Our client did not need the intense reds and blacks that say I will fight to keep you out of prison, because that is not what our client does.  He deals with areas that demand calmness and logic, and the light greys and blues portray this feeling very effectively.

Check out this real estate attorney at David J. Myers Law.