Cowan Law Group Redesign From Law Promo

Categories: Website Launches.

Cowan Lawyer Website

Law Promo’s redesign of the Cowan Law Group website has been launched. The attorneys and our team focused on a clean, minimalistic look that reflected the efficiency of the firm’s legal services. Mr. Cowan’s commitment to bettering the businesses he works with and building meaningful relationships is apparent on every page of his website.

Testimonials are an element that we encourage every law firm to have on their website. When doing research on an attorney, potential clients value 3rd party opinion, especially when it comes from real people who have done business with the attorney. The testimonials posted on Mr. Cowan’s website say volumes about his services, which is why we made sure they were on every page.

The formatting of Mr. Cowan’s attorney profile page also points to his personality. Rather than a dry summary of his education and professional experience, the page uses a Q&A dialogue to give interesting information about the attorney and his history. Thinking out of the box is great for first impressions and will give a clearer impression of the attorney’s personality.

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