Law Promo Launches B Watson Legal Website

Categories: Legal Website Design.

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Today’s launch of the B Watson Legal redesign website is the result of hard work and cooperation between the Law Promo team and the attorneys at B Watson Legal. The firm wanted a website that showcased their specialty in education law, their location in Louisiana, and the many accomplishments of their firm. Our design incorporated all of these elements into a welcoming site featuring helpful information about special, general and college education law.

The website’s colors are accented with blue and gold, while the background behind the text is a light grey to allow for easy reading. The Flash header features images of New Orleans and Louisiana, allowing visitors to know the firm’s location immediately. Contact information is also listed prominently for easy access. Finally, the attorney’s associations are displayed on every page to add authority and trust to the website.

B Watson Legal is located in Metairie, Louisiana, and practices in both education law and consumer law, which includes loan modifications and bankruptcy. To see this website, visit B Watson Legal, LLC website.