Law Promo Launches Andersen Law Firm Website

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law firm website design

Law Promo would like to announce the launch of a law firm website for Andersen Law Firm, a Bakersfield personal injury, family law, and immigration law firm.

This website has a familiar feel because of the classic elements that are proven to make a site clean and easy to navigate.  The logo and important contact information is separated at the top, making it easy to reach this lawyer and likely that our client’s business will increase.  Below that there is a full width picture with a simple tagline.  Although simple, the message of this tagline, paired with the scales of justice, engrains the feeling of equality in the viewers’ minds.

The modern touches come in with certain design elements.  The page always appears at least full width, making sure that a generic background will not detract from the symmetry.  The shadows create a unique layered look, and the colors throughout the site match the logo, creating a branded law firm website.  This touch of modernism ensures a professional aesthetic.