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Law Promo offers a plethora of design services catered to your needs: attorney website design, logo design, search engine marketing, and integrated blog design. We’re aiming to be your one-stop-shop for all things legal marketing. The following post covers our integrated blog design for our current client, the MJM law office.

The MJM Law Office contacted us initially for a law firm website design along with an integrated blog. If you view both blog and website, you’ll notice that it isn’t very integrated. There are two reasons. First, the MJM Law Office contacted us recently to redesign their existing lawyer website in order to make it responsive. Second, the firm wanted the blog to focus on a certain aspect of law they practiced. The intention was to create a blog that would connect to their main website but focus on a different topic.

As a result, our design team made the blog a little different by adding a darker gray background and a personalized header featuring the blog topic: Recent Developments in DUI & Marijuana Law. The header features the firm name, it’s blog description, and images depicting the two areas of law focused upon. To the right, a short introduction to the blog and the firm is found and underneath are the most recent blog posts.

MJM Law Office, P.C. focuses on serving clients in Lane County, Oregon. MJM Law Office, P.C. was founded to provide clients with quality representation in DUII Cases and Criminal Defense, including matters such as Repeat DUII Offenses, Drug Crimes, Property Crimes, Campus Crimes, and Assault. Their blog focuses on DUII Cases, Criminal Defense, and recent developments in Marijuana Law.

If you’re interested in learning more about the firm, their blog, or their law firm website design, we invite you to visit their Eugene Criminal Defense Blog.