The Law Offices of Cyrus S. Naim Website is Now Live

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Law Offices of Cyrus S. Naim

After much hard work from all involved, the Law Offices of Cyrus S. Naim website has been launched. The Law Promo team is very happy with the result and are glad to have satisfied another customer. This website is built to maximize business with corporate professionals, for the 2 reasons listed below.

With a lot of our clients, we recommend that they are careful with the tone of their writing. Particularly for those in the family law or criminal defense areas, they’re writing content for individuals who are not accustomed to legal jargon or difficult sentence structure. So, we always suggest that they simplify their writing a bit to appeal to their audience. In this case, the firm is hoping to attract highly sophisticated business clients. Accordingly, their writing is professional and formal (without being unreadable), and provides pertinent information for that market.

Secondly, the attorney provides a highly detailed profile page that details the variety of experience he has had. Again, for some law firms, this biography would be far too formal and irrelevant to client interests. However, for this firm it is ideal and shows what a qualified candidate he is for their business.

The Law Offices of Cyrus S. Naim is located in Century City in Southern California, and practices in the areas of civil appeals and first amendment, intellectual property and commercial litigation. For more information and to view this attorney web design, visit Law Offices of Cyrus S. Naim.