Law Office Logo Design For Traffic Law Attorney

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Traffic Law Logo Design

Today we are excited to share our latest logo design. This logo is for an attorney who practices traffic law, which means traffic ticket defense, DUI defense, and CDL (commercial driver’s license) defense. The logo is perfect for this attorney as they practice out of Arizona, and we have included a graphic of the state which features two roadways going through it. By using imagery of the state, anyone who sees this logo will automatically know that the attorney practices law in their area. The inclusion of the roadways also gives a good sense of the type of law they practice, considering that their focus is on commercial driver’s license defense.

What really makes this logo pop is the subtle visual effect created. The image is suggestive of a freeway, with two large lanes running next to one another. We’ve also given these roadways a gradual scale effect, so the perspective looks as if the roadways are going somewhere (which gives a perception of movement). This can also be viewed as one roadway, with the lines representing sides of the road. However you look at it, the message is clear: this attorney practices traffic law in Arizona. There is also a short slogan included, which states their mission “Arizona Traffic Attorney – Traffic Defense/DUI”. This logo meets many of the checkpoints for successful design, and most importantly, it imbues a sense of the business’s goals and purpose.