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Logo Design

Logos are an important factor to any law firm website design. A logo helps you stand out from the crowd and draws attention. Logos hold the power of the first impressions and can sometimes influence whether or not a potential client will contact you. In today’s post, we’ll be focusing on our recent law firm logo design for our Business and Corporate Law Client.

Our client came to us seeking to create a modern and stylish logo for his law firm website design. He gave us his specifications and requested that we design a law firm logo that would match his website. While he didn’t have a clear-cut vision of what he wanted, he had an idea which our design team expanded on with the help of samples from our attorney logo design portfolio.

Our design team decided to incorporate the same red and black color scheme of our client’s website. On choosing the symbol, our team and client settled on a monogram of our client’s name outfitted with a red, white, and black color scheme. The color scheme is apparent throughout the logo. We went with a simple, yet elegant font for our client’s law firm name and slogan. We included equal spacing and adjusted the font to enhance the symmetry of the design. The slogan is accentuated with a red color and separated with a broad black line to match the outline of our client’s logo symbol.

Like our client, we’re happy with the logo design and are proud to feature it in our design portfolio.