Law Office and Law Firm Logo Design Process

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Law Firm Logo Design

As we are working on attorney logos for a current client, we thought we would let you in on the process before it is completed so you can get some insight into how the process works.

As you can see, there are multiple variations on what is essentially the same logo, and you might wonder how we got to this point.  When a design company such as ourselves first starts a logo, they need to first create an idea that is distinctive.  Colors, shapes, and semblance to the actual product or service are not ever a set factor, so the key is making sure that the logo will stand out and be recognizable later on.  Using a stylistic morphing of the letters can provide this attribute, especially when compared to lawyer logos that are flat and boring.

Once a distinctive feature is established, it is crucial to make many variations, like in the example above.  It is actually common to start with dozens of rough sketches and then narrow it down to a handful of good options before creating computer generated graphics of your ideas.  Even great designers follow this methodology.  You may think that design comes easy to them and they can make a great looking logo in one try, but most often the great logos come from sorting through many options, separating the good from the bad.  Once there are a few good options left at the end, the proofs like those above can be sent to the client, allowing them to make the final decision on what fits best with their company, or in this case, their law firm.

Law Promo excels in designing logos, so if you’re interested in a law firm logo design, contact us today and we can get started!