Law Firm Website Pay Per Click Advertising

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Does my law firm need Pay Per Click Advertising?

Managing your online marketing budget as an attorney or law firm can be a challenge. Unlike search engine optimization marketing, PPC ads appear on the front page of search engine results when the campaign begins. Law firms see results instantly with this form of marketing whereas search engine optimization requires a longer period of time. Legal Marketing Services recommends clients use internet marketing tools in tandem because the PPC ads will generate initial traffic to the webpage. The surge in visitors will raise the website’s search engine ranking complementing the SEO campaign’s free, but more deliberate tactics.

Pay Per Click Advertising advertises a client’s website at the top of search engine results. In the past, owner of the law firm’s website typically selects keywords that determines the search engine results where the advertisements will appear. The legal professional only pays when a potential client clicks on the ad, which where the marketing application’s name came from.

Google, Yahoo and Bing not only facilitate the most Pay Per Click Advertising campaigns, they also host the most web traffic. The search engine specialists at Legal Marketing Services managed their first PPC campaigns in 2000. The team has grown with the industry and live up to their professional reputation at each opportunity.