Law Firm Website Design For New York Immigration Lawyers

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Immigration Law Firm Website

We are currently working on a website for a New York Based International Law Firm that specializes in immigration law. The landing page has a clean layout, balancing pertinent information while making use of timeless imagery that pays homage to the landmarks representing the freedoms in the United States Of America. A simple and intuitive navigation beneath the header features links to the Practice Areas, Attorneys, Consultation and a Contact Form. The header of this site includes the flags of 5 nations (Spain, England, China, Poland and Russia) with the intent in making the sites visitors feel comfortable and represented. Above the flags are 3 phone numbers in an an easily legible white font that sits atop an image of the New York City skyline at night.

The choice of images in the slideshow beneath the navigation, particularly the permanent resident card were carefully selected to remind the firms clients they are goal oriented. A semi-transparent box with the firms declaration of values and principles, serves as a reminder that this law firm can get the job done correctly. Beneath the slideshow are two sections providing additional information for immigrants. Floating to the left is a column that has quick links to resources for the sites visitors who need a simple means of starting the immigration process. Since migrating to a new foreign place can be stressful, we’ve designed this website with accessibility in mind. All the content is laid out in an easily readable manner and the use of golden yellow and a range of dark & light blues elicits feelings of ease and confidence in the Law Group. Overall, this website does a fine job of creating a unique identity for the attorneys while also considering the needs of the visitors and soon to be residents. Stay tuned for future updates on this journey.