Law Firm Website Design for Corporate and Business Law Attorneys

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Business Attorneys Website

Law Promo is currently working on a fully-responsive website design for Corporate Law Firms. This particular design is a standout, one which accommodates content in an eloquent fashion. The minimalism being embraced is with the intention of maximizing the effect the content has on a visitor. Additionally, the design is at the top of it’s class when accessibility is considered. Navigating this website  feels extremely fluid and unforced with clear affordances the general public won’t miss.

The landing page features a simple header and sleek navigation. Traditionally placed, the company logo feels appropriate and stands out against the charcoal background. Links to the homepage, firm overview, practice area, blog and contact page sit beneath a darker grey bar that  contains contact information and links to the practitioners social networks. A hero image in the slideshow features a tagline, with much regard placed on appropriate use of typography for consistency on the site, creating a sense of fidelity for the readers. A bold red call-to-action is positioned beneath the tag-line to encourage your prospective clients to send you inquiries. Beneath the slideshow is a section that speaks to the firms personal mantras, experience, values etc. With a less alarming, but equally effective blue call to action floated to the right of each statement.

Strong design is dependent on a number of variables. The one has taken those into account without compromising any particular element(s). Built with “recognition over recall” principles in mind, the goal was to create a website that people would enjoy not just browsing, but using. The various call to actions and contact form make this website more than a brochure for your business, but a solution for it. We are confident this design, used in appropriate contexts will transform a firm, allowing it’s partners to shift gears from simply surviving to striving.