Law Firm Website Design for San Diego Litigation Lawyers

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SD Lawyers Website

Today we want to share a website that is currently under development. This site is for a team of litigation attorneys operating on the West Coast. This site is being developed using all the latest web design principles and standards, including a fully responsive design.

Fully responsive sites will actually “respond” to the size of your browser – no matter what size your computer’s monitor, the site will change its design according to that monitor’s parameters and display size. This same logic applies to mobile devices (smart phones, tablets, ipads, ipods, kindles, etc.), and you will see a website scale appropriately and rearrange items to create optimal user experience. Mobile friendly websites are important for lawyers and legal professionals because you must ensure you maintain professionalism in all of your marketing – including your website.

Our current project does just that. The responsive (or mobile-friendly) design provides a pleasant user experience that is complemented by the other attractive features of this website. Because their city is on a coastline, we’ve used a large, striking image of the city skyline as seen from the ocean. Using this image immediately provides users a connection that they are at an attorney’s site near them, and this attorney has strong affiliations with their particular city. We’ve also kept the layout straight-forward and easy to understand, with some unique visual touches where appropriate. The powerful slogan “Integrity. Experience. Results.” is prominently displayed, also imbuing a sense of dedication and trust in the user.