Law Firm Website Design Company Checklist

Categories: Startup Law Firm Websites.

In this day and age, it isn’t uncommon for work to be outsourced. Anything from search engine optimization to law firm website design can is often outsourced to other companies. It’s your money. You should know what you’re paying for. What should you look for when it comes to hiring a law firm web design company? How do you differentiate from a good attorney web design company from a bad one? Lucky for you, Law Promo is here with a checklist on things you should look for when hiring a lawyer web design company.

A good law firm web design company will have the following:

Skilled and Experienced in-house designers.

User-friendly Content Management System for updating the website.

Experience, knowledge, and expertise in the latest Search Engine Optimization practices.

A robust and fairly priced web-hosting and maintenance plan.

No hidden fees or unnecessary charges

Reliable and current testimonials from happy clients

Exceptional Customer service

Straight forward pricing on all projects.

A good law firm web design company will have in-house designers who are knowledgeable in the latest design practices and what appeals to lawyers and their targeted visitors. They will understand search engine optimization and will use the latest techniques to ensure your website will reach its maximum potential ranking. An affordable hosting and maintenance plan is a no brainer as most reputable law firm web design companies are aware of how busy lawyers can get. Lastly, customer service and client testimonials should be outstanding. They should be able to answer all inquiries in a swift and thorough manner and reduce the technical website design jargon to a level anyone could understand.

If you’re looking to hire a professional law firm web design company, be sure to check if they have all the qualities listed above. Here at Law Promo, we pride ourselves on our exceptional designs and services and if you need help getting your website off the ground, we’re here for you.