Law Firm Web Design – The Law Promo Approach

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Here at Law Promo, we understand lawyer website design. After all, we’ve been designing websites exclusively for law firms and lawyers for over ten years. We’ve mentioned the Law Promo Advantage and also our law firm website design process. In this post, we’ll talk about the Law Promo Approach to lawyer website design.

1) Visitor-Oriented
When we first approach a new attorney web design, our team designs in the mind of the visitor. After taking into account our client’s request, we create a law firm web design by taking into account what appeals to a visitor: color schemes, color psychology, web navigation, functionality, and presentation. With over ten years of experience under our belt, Law Promo knows what visitors look for in a lawyer website design. We know what will appeal to your visitors and we make sure to include it into your law firm web design.

2) Organization
Nobody likes a cluttered website. Law Promo ensures that your law firm website design will present all information in a clean and organized way. With a visitor-oriented mindset, we design your attorney website to make it aesthetically pleasing and visually organized. All pertinent information will be displayed and visitors will not have to go digging to find what the information they seek.

3) Style
Every web design company has a certain style and Law Promo is no different. Over the ten years in which we’ve designed law firm websites, we’ve honed our style and it shows in each of our designs. Law Promo’s style focuses on a blend between traditional law firm website layouts and modern color schemes. You can’t go wrong with the classics. Of course, our designs are specified to meet our client’s taste. While our style is a blend between traditional layouts and modern colors, we can design and emulate any type of website you wish for.

4) Optimization
Lastly, what good is a website when you can’t be found? After all three of the above have been incorporated into a law firm website design, Law Promo optimizes the website and keeps it up to date to ensure that it gets indexed by Google and is found online. Our law firm websites will help you get found, just like you found us.

That is the Law Promo Approach! If you’re interested in web design, we invite you to reach out to us about our law firm web design services or read our blog!