Law Firm Web Design – Template or Custom Websites?

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When you’re in the market shopping for a law firm website design, there are typically two options: Template or Custom web design? There are pros and cons to both web design options for your law firm. In today’s blog article, we’ll be discussing which option is best suited for your law firm and how to come to that conclusion between custom websites or template websites.

The following are a set of questions you should ask yourself when trying to decide between a template or custom lawyer website design:

* What will this website be used for?
* What is the main purpose of this website?
* What features are you looking for?
* What is your budget?

The number of lawyers in your law firm should also be considered when deciding between a custom or template law firm website design. From our experience in the lawyer website design industry, any more than five lawyers in a law firm should warrant a custom website design due to the amount of work involved. Template website designs are typically geared more towards solo practitioners and small law firms. There’s a common stigma that template website designs for law firms are often a pain for search engine optimization, poor design, and limited customizablity, however, that stigma is wrong and we invite you to read why on our previous law firm web design blog post. Template websites, at least at Law Promo, are professionally designed, search optimized, and still plenty customizable. The only difference between a custom website and a template website at Law Promo is the price and the amount of customizability. Our template lawyer web designs are customizable in terms of color, photography, graphics, and call to action. The only thing you wouldn’t be able to customize is the website layout. Everything else is free-game.

With Law Promo’s custom law firm website designs, you are unhindered when it comes to design. It all depends on what you would like. If you would prefer something unique and different, our designers can suggest a design. We do encourage that you find designs you’re fond of or look through our portfolio for inspiration/ideas that you’d like to incorporate. That way, our designers would be able to create something similar to that website, or have a starting point on how to begin the design round. These suggestions/designs help our designers get a look, a feel, an image for how your website would look.

Hopefully, this blog post helps you in your decision between a template or custom website. It’s all about the needs of your firm. If you simply want a professional online appearance, a template lawyer website design will do the job. If you want a professional online appearance, have more than 5 lawyers in your law firm, or want different features, then a custom law firm web design is best. We offer both custom websites and template websites. If you’re interested in a template of custom web design, contact Law Promo today!