Law Firm Web Design – Our Design Process

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Law Firm website design is a creative and, sometimes draining, process. Many website design firms find a hard time refining their work process which ultimately affects the outcome of a finished website. Here at Law Promo, we’ve refined our law firm website design process over the course of ten years. In today’s post, we thought we’d give our readers a brief glimpse at Law Promo’s law firm web design process.

Our website design process can be broken down into three stages of law firm website design:

1). Mockup Stage

We’ve mentioned a number of our law firm website design mockups in our Current Project Showcase posts. Basically, the mockup stage is focused solely on your law firm website design. This stage begins with a brief questionnaire that lets our design team know who you are and what you’re looking for in an attorney website design. We welcome our clients to show us website designs that they like or peruse our portfolio. Once the questionnaire is sent, it usually takes 5-7 days until your mockup is ready for viewing. After we receive feedback, our design team makes the requested adjustments and we continue to work until our clients are happy with the mockup design.

2). Conversion

The second stage is the conversion stage. In this stage, we take the chosen law firm web design and begin to convert it into a fully functional website. It’s in this stage that we begin to code your website and add your content. Content is very important in this stage and it’s best to have your content ready for a speedy delivery of your law firm web design. As your website nears completion, we provide a private link to view your functioning website and make any last minute changes.

3). Launch

The third and final stage is the launch stage. Once we’re cleared for launch, your account executive will take a few moments to review your website and make sure it is search optimized for the search engines. Then, after we receive the final payment on your website, we move your website onto your domain and it’s live!

In order to create a fully customizable law firm website design, it usually takes anywhere between 3-6 weeks upon receiving the questionnaire. The faster we receive feedback and content, the faster your website will go live!