Law Firm Web Design – The Importance of Logo Design

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You’re probably getting tired of how often we mention the importance of lawyer website designs. Its okay, we understand. That’s why today, we’ll be talking about the importance of logo designs.

Logo designs are an important factor in establishing a solid online presence. Having a law firm website design is a great investment, but the first thing a customer notices is the logo. The logo is what they will associate and remember your website or your services by. In the online world, the logo is essentially the face of your website. A website without a logo is incomplete and empty.

While the design of a logo won’t make or break a client’s decision to seek your help, a logo does help in determining whether or not a client will continue to explore your website. The logo, much like your website, is your client’s first impression of you and the services you provide. It goes without saying that a professional appearance is a must.

A logo doesn’t have to be anything fancy. It doesn’t have to have an intricate design or an abstract symbol. They can be simple, clean, or even traditional. A logo helps your business stand out. It’s what differentiates you and your business from your competition. It helps in branding and give your business an identity. Aside from your services, your logo is an important part of any marketing campaign. The logo will have the most lasting impression on prospects and clients. We’ve mentioned it before and we’ll mention it again: your logo is what customers and prospects will remember you by.

Here at Law Promo, we’ve been creating logos for professionals all around the world. While we focus heavily on lawyers and law firm logos, we have created logos for churches, doctors, mediators, and news websites. Our logos are a one-time flat rate fee of $500 and we offer unlimited revisions on a logo. We don’t place a limit to how many times your logo can be revised. We understand the importance of getting it just right. Once you decide upon a logo design, we will send it to you in a complete files package containing all necessary files for print, business, and stationary use. You would be able to place it on your email, letterheads, newsletters, and website.

If you’re interested in a customizable logo, we invite you to look through our logo design portfolio and we’ll be happy to help.