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Lawyer Web Design

Law Firm Web Design

Lawyers and law firms need an online presence in the 21st century in order to attract new clients. Those clients will surf through your law firm website and try and find the information pertinent to their case or legal matter. With Law Promo’s law firm web design services, that will not be a problem at all. One of the greatest features is a print page style sheet which basically allows a viewer to print an attorney’s information or a case study in a pre-formatted page layout that makes for easy printing and viewing. This can be extremely helpful for potential clients as well as for your law firm when evaluating web content or organizing information.

Content For Legal Professionals

Legal Marketing Services develops content for our clients’ websites. Our staff of content creators can produce videos, write articles and work with our search engine optimization team to optimize existing content.

Online videos combine the sensory attraction of television advertisements with interactivity of the world wide web. Videos hosting costs vary per site, but are by and large affordable. Some of our clients take advantage of YouTube’s free hosting service by uploading the video to their server and embedding it on their own website. Legal Marketing Services search engine optimization team guides our clients through the keyword selection process for their YouTube videos to enhance their visibility. The team also markets the video through our network of legal blogs and connections with public relations firms.