Law Firm Web Design – Additional Questions to Ask Your Designer

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Here at Law Promo, we understand that some lawyers lack technical knowledge of law firm web design and law firm search marketing. This lack of knowledge often leads to wondering what questions you should ask so you wouldn’t be taken advantage of. We’ve already posted an article about the Seven Questions to Ask your Attorney Website Designer and in this post, we’ll expand on more questions you can ask your lawyer web design provider.

1) How much do website updates cost and can you update the website yourself?

Some law firm web design companies charge per each update to your website. They usually charge at an hourly rate. Of course, some lawyer web design firms allow and encourage clients to make updates themselves. Along with website ownership, you should be able to make changes and updates to the website yourself.

At Law Promo, we offer unlimited content updates as part of our hosting and maintenance plans. You’d also be able to update your website yourself and we’d provide a tutorial to do so.

2) What is done in terms of Search Engine Optimization and updates?

You get what you pay for. Some law firm web design companies fail to properly search optimize your content and your website which hurts your ranking on search engines. Make sure your preferred lawyer website design company provides search engine optimization for your website along with any updates. Search Engine Algorithms are always changing and it’s important for your law firm web design company to stay on top of those changes.

At Law Promo, we are search engine specialists and we take care of optimization of your website on all fronts. We build and code your website with search optimization in mind. Once we receive your content and any content updates, our team edits and search optimizes your content. As part of our hosting and maintenance plan, we also provide ongoing SEO updates, which means we will stay up to date with any search engine algorithm changes that way your website will be able to maintain it’s rank.

3) Is it template based or custom built?

Some lawyer website design companies offer “custom built websites” when in reality it’s just a template. It’s important to know what you’re paying for. While both template and custom built websites can be successful in terms of search engine optimization, if you have a vision for the website, then a template is not the way to go. On the plus side, templates are quick to launch.

At Law Promo, we custom build your law firm website to fit your preferences. We also offer Template based websites for those needing a quick, but professional design.

4) Will you test cross-browser compatibility?

Everyone has their own browser preference and the same goes for a few law firm website design companies, meaning they build your website based on their preferred browser. Unfortunately, not all browsers are the same and sometimes the design may look fine on one browser, but completely different in another. Make sure the law firm web design company you hire tests for cross-browser compatibility!

When you sign on with Law Promo, we always make sure to test cross-browser compatibility for each of our law firm website designs.

Please think of these four additional questions when trying to find the best law firm web design company to work for you. Law Promo has been around the legal web design business for over ten years, so we know the type of questions you should ask. We’re here to help, so if you find yourself in need of help, we’re just a call away!