Law Firm Search Marketing – Optimization Tips

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Law firm search marketing is all about search engine optimization and different content optimization practices for your law firm website design. At Law Promo, we’ve had over ten years of experience in the areas of law firm search marketing and law firm web design. We practice both new and old optimization techniques when it comes to search marketing for your law firm or designing your law firm website. In today’s post, we’ll give you some tips on optimizing your website.

When it comes to the optimization of a webpage, you should target three things:

1) The Title Tags

What is a title tag? A title tag describes your webpage. A title tag is the phrase that appears on the top of browser tabs and search engine results pages. Title tag formatting is as follows: Primary Keyword – Secondary Keyword | Brand Name. Ideally, you should keep title tags within 50-60 characters, any more and it’s more likely to harm your website.

2) The Meta Description

What is the meta description? Your meta description is a brief overview of the webpage content. The meta description is the brief statement that appears on a search engine result page right underneath the title tag. Keep your meta description below 200 characters, and it’s in best practice to give just enough information to make a visitor click to find out more.

3) The content.

Your content is the body of your webpage. Optimization of your content should depend upon the content of the page. You should include variations of your primary and secondary keyword in a natural way. DO NOT try and stuff keywords as you will more likely be penalized.

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