Law Firm Marketing – Google Analytics

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Law Firm Marketing

At Law Promo, we like to encourage and educate our clients on marketing and making the most of their law firm web design. In our previous blog posts, we’ve covered the benefits of Google + as well as posting to Google +. Today, we’ll be giving you a brief overlook at how you can build your website’s audience through Google Analytics.

What is Google Analytics? Google Analytics is a nifty tool for your law firm web design that would enable you to get to know your clientele and visitors. Once you sign on for Google Analytics, it will provide you a tracking code that can be applied to the pages of your law firm web design. This tracking code will allow Google analytics to show you who is viewing your legal website design, the primary geographic location of your visitors, and which of your law firm web pages are most popular. The data provided from Google Analytics will help you make an informed decision in how to market and improve your website.

Here at Law Promo, we do offer Google Analytic installation. This service is per request and we also provide it as part of our search engine marketing plan. Keep an eye out for new posts as we’ll be giving you a tutorial on how to make the most of Google Analytics.