Law Firm Marketing – Creating a Blog Post

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Here at Law Promo, we often get confusion from our clients when it comes to creating a blog post. We find that attorneys can often get confused at the concept of what to blog about. In today’s blog post, we’ll talk about the steps you should consider when creating a blog post.

Lawyer website designs are stronger in bringing traffic when coupled with an integrated blog that is updated regularly with posts relevant to the lawyer website and attorney practice areas. Below you’ll find a list of topics/guidelines to take into consideration when blogging:

1). Practice Areas & Services
This is a given! Blog about the services you offer. Your lawyer website design can only give so much information. Blogging is a great way to elaborate on the services you provide and reach out to potential clients with previous and current cases.

2). News/Law Updates
As a lawyer, you can provide your own opinion or update your clients and potential clients with recent news pertaining to your services.

3). Voice
Keep your voice casual and tone down on the jargon! Your clients and potential clients shouldn’t be treated like lawyers. They come seeking your advice and while your lawyer website design features a formal content and voice, your blogging voice should reflect the way you speak to your clients. Let them get to know your voice.

4). Keep it short
Time is precious and long blog posts will usually turn off your visitors. They want information fast and anything more than 500-700 words will only alienate them. Keep your posts short and open to discussion.

Keep those topics in mind and you’ll be good to go on creating that blog post! Of course, Law Promo understands how busy lawyers can get and we do offer ghostwriting blog post services. If you’re interested in blogging for your lawyer website design, contact us today!