Law Firm Marketing – Content Writing Approach

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We get it. Staring at a blank white page is intimidating. In our ten+ years of experience in the law firm web design business, we’ve noticed that a difficulty that a majority of our clients experience during the law firm web design process is writing good content. The reasons for this problem vary from not knowing what to write about to simply not having enough time to write. Sometimes this difficulty can put their attorney web design in limbo. In today’s post, we’ll share our content writer’s approach to writing content for your law firm website design.

When it comes to writing content, it’s all about the approach you take. Some people sit down to plot excessively what they should write about and the topics to consider. While that approach works out for some, it more often leads to an overwhelming feeling for others. The thought of writing a whole website by yourself is not a pleasant one.

At Law Promo, we like to keep things simple, and when it comes to content writing, we can boil it down to two pivotal points:

1). Find your voice.
When trying to come up with content for your law firm website, it’s best to write in a voice that is professional and approachable. A voice that is too casual may have the unintended effect of visitors questioning your authority.

2). Talk about yourself and your services.
This is your law firm website design. Don’t think too much in terms of content and what you should or shouldn’t present. Approach content writing as if you’re introducing yourself to a client. Talk about yourself and your services. Start a conversation, not an essay.

That’s all there is to it. It is a simplified approach, but it’s also an effective one. Keep it simple. Don’t make things harder than they have to be! Coming up in our next posts, we’ll give you more tips on content writing and what you can do to make it easier on yourself.