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Here at Law Promo, we’ve had a number of our clients come and ask us how they can market their firm online and expand their reach. We’re all for teaching and educating our clients on the latest search engine optimization and marketing techniques because we feel clients should have some general knowledge of how to optimize their attorney web design. In this post, we’ll be covering content marketing for your firm.

So, what is content marketing?

Content marketing is the practice of promoting and using your content as your primary marketing tool. It’s a trend that has been picking up speed lately and is now recommended to all law firm marketers. The idea behind content marketing is the fact that most attorney web designs provide typical brochure information meaning that almost all law firm content is all about listing qualifications and telling people why they should hire your firm over the competition. While it’s necessary to list qualifications and explain why people should hire you, most visitors simply skim the content because of the dry presentation.

With content marketing, the focus is on showing your expertise through the use of blog posts, social media, and client engagement. Content marketing isn’t just focused on the written word, you can market your content through visuals like infographics and informational videos. When it comes to writing your content for your attorney website, design your content layout in an inviting way:

  • Write in a conversational tone, like you’re speaking directly to your visitors.
  • Make use of photography and interesting visuals to keep your visitors engaged.
  • Don’t just feature a giant wall of text. Break up your content into sections and highlight the more important points you feel your client’s will be interested in.
  • Try and keep jargon at a minimum.

The goal of content marketing is to share and inform and as a result of this sharing and knowledge transfer visitors are more likely to contact you due to your being helpful. Content marketing benefits law firms by allowing them to showcase their expertise in a helpful manner. It opens conversations which helps to generate leads and dialogue with their intended audience.

There’s been talk about content marketing being a passing fad and at Law Promo, we disagree. The internet is filled with spam and thin content and as Google continues to refine their methods of improving search it will be quality content that stands out. There is always a demand for better content and through content marketing it’s possible to reach your audience.