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Lawyer website designs aren’t easy. Fortunately, lawyers don’t need to worry about law firm website design since that job should be done by professionals with the expertise in lawyer web designs. Aside from feedback, lawyers are only required to provide their website content and write their own blog posts. Writing is tough. Thinking up a blog post topic to write about is even tougher. What is it about writing that makes it so tough? We understand that many of our clients are busy people that don’t have time to write a blog post. Often times though, we are presented with the question: “What do I blog about?” In today’s post, we’ll be providing you tips and topics on what to blog about.

Aside from generating SEO and tying in with your lawyer website design, the purpose of a blog is to reach out to clients and visitors. Listed below, you’ll find a few topics that would enable interaction with your clients and possibly lead them to explore more blog posts and your law firm website design.

1) Topic 1: Client Questions

You can go about this topic in two ways:
1) Address common client questions
2) Answer actual client questions.

This type of topics allows you to begin a conversation with your clients and the visitors of your lawyer website design.

2) Topic 2: Current Events

Current events are always a safe topic to bring about in blog posts. To clients and visitors of your law firm website design, it’d be interesting to read about current events from the point of view of a lawyer. It’d also be a great way to update clients and visitors on the aspects of law you practice.

3) Topic 3: Educate

Use your blog to educate your visitors and clients on topics not elaborated or covered on your lawyer website. The content featured on your lawyer website design can only go so far. The blog is the perfect medium to inform your followers on information you feel would be helpful to have.

4) Topic 4: Office Culture/Environment

It’s great to maintain a professional appearance, but a blog can be both personal and professional. Blog posts don’t need to focus primarily on law. Blog posts can also be a window into the life of your law firm. Let them get to know you and in the process you may get to know them.

Don’t stress over blog posts. Write about what you want to write about but make sure it’s relevant to your law firm website design. If you’re in need of blogging services or a lawyer website design, contact Law Promo today or click on the following link: Law Promo Blogging Services