Law firm logos are an essential part of your law firm identify

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Law firm logo design

Law firm logos are essential to a website. A website design without a logo has no face. Your logo is essentially the face of your website. It’s the first image noticed by your visitors and it’s the first step towards branding your law firm. Every branding effort begins with a great logo to associate and identify your business. Without a logo, your business will have no identity. Don’t go unknown!

Recently, we acquired an inquiry regarding a logo design. This client reached out to us hoping we’d be able to create a logo that would provide their firm an identity and symbol to associate with. Generally, when a law firm decides to create a logo with Law Promo, it takes 3-5 business days for the first initial concepts. Three concepts are provided in one batch, and changes to the logo take anywhere between 2-3 business days. Due to the time it took to create a logo and the time it took to make changes, we were initially reluctant to accept the challenge.

It was important for this client to receive their new logo within a week. What if they didn’t like the first logo concepts? Still, we weren’t one to back down from a challenge! Doubt yourself and you’ve already lost the battle. We just needed to get the logo right the first time.

After much focus and brainstorming, our design team came up with three concepts of which one was chosen. The finished product is shown above. Our client wanted a law firm logo design that would not be clichéd. They did not want pillars or gavels. They wanted a unique and abstract logo that would market and brand their law firm. Our team decided to go with a standard font that would dress their law firm name well. They combined two different fonts to create a logo that would stand out.

The hardest part of the logo was creating the emblem that would brand their law firm. Our team wanted to create something powerful and attention grabbing. So, after playing with different styles and approaches, our team finally created a logo emblem they found fitting for the law firm. To differentiate and draw attention, the last leg of the emblem is dyed red while the rest of the logo is colored black. The contrast between the colors would draw the eyes of visitors.

Overall, we are happy with the logo as are the clients who approached us. Here at Law Promo, we always encourage our clients to create a logo. If you wish to create a logo or want to redesign an existing one, check out our law firm logo design portfolio and contact us today!