Law Firm Logo Design For Trial Lawyers

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Law Promo’s latest law firm logo design features great typography and a minimal color scheme that creates a great image of the firm.

There are thousands of lawyers and firms out there seeking to represent clients.  How can a firm stand out immediately? Logos are one of the most important factors in branding, and can definitely help in providing that instant recognition.

For this logo, the client came into the process not sure of what kind of logo they were searching for.  The design team at Law Promo created an initial round of concepts that featured several different variations, none of which felt quite right to the client.

Undaunted, the team continued working on the design, replacing and/or dropping certain elements and experimenting with different layouts with the text and margins.

The client immediately responded to some of the new designs, and a general direction was decided on.  After more experimentation with fonts and sizing, a final design was settled on.

Sometimes clients come into the design process with a very clear end-product in mind.  Other times, they aren’t sure where to begin.  Law Promo has worked with clients on all levels of the spectrum.  Each case is unique and brings with it a different experience and outcome.

No matter what the case, the design team at Law Promo can help your law firm create an excellent logo that will help your branding.  Take a look at our logo portfolio and get in contact with us today!