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Corporate Securities Lawyer Blog by Guzik & Associates

The Corporate Securities Lawyer Blog by Guzik & Associates is a blog that covers topics related to the firm’s involvement in business and corporate law. Lately, it has been writing articles regarding start-up legal procedures, including crowdfunding and finding investors. The blog is targeted mainly at start-up companies looking for legal advice, which is perfect since that also happens to be the firm’s target market. By providing a free resource for his potential clients, he’s creating engagement with his visitors before they even intend to hire, which can go a long way when a hiring decision needs to be made.

Mr. Guzik’s most recent blog post is titled “Equity Crowdfunding and The Road Not Taken – What Congress Could Learn From Kansas.” This article is impressively long and well-written, and pulls information from a variety of sources, making it an interesting, well-rounded article. It also begins with very digestible items: the first thing is a list of why equity crowdfunding is a bad idea. Readers love lists because they are always easy to comprehend and on point. After the list is a quote from Warren Buffet and an anecdote about Joseph Kennedy’s business. This is a great way to start the article because it draws readers in with fun and useful information, and prepares them for the heavy-lifting required in the next paragraphs.

Following these, Mr. Guzik begins to delve into current events, and presents more complex examples of others who disagree with crowdfunding. His main example is Stephen Rattner, who publicly denounced the idea of crowdfunding, and breaks down several criticisms of his statements. Finally, after giving plenty of sources and proof, he goes into the Invest Kansas Exemption, which addresses many of the problems Mr. Rattner brought up and is a good example of crowdfunding provisions. The article is hugely educational and a great resource for both his clients and his peers.

If we were to find any fault with the article, it would only be that reading online can often be facilitated by images–readers appreciate breaks in text, and it can help them focus. But this lawyer blog is a great example of how to write for the web–not only is it well-written, but it is well-researched and formatted. By writing articles this way, you are writing content that both search engine bots and human readers will enjoy.

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