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No matter if you’re a sole practitioner or an established law firm with hundreds on staff, the media can make, or break, your company.  Because of this, you must constantly be circulating your law firm’s name throughout a number of media websites. Law Promo currently has a partnership with 30 legal news sites, and that number is growing. We will utilize these partnerships to broadcast any news you might have, which will encourage readers to learn about your law firm. The more your name spreads, the higher your search engine optimization will increase.

Most lawyers who are freshly introduced to the idea of internet marketing will build their website with a design company and then think visitors will start flowing in automatically after the website’s initial launch. No matter how professional and aesthetically appealing
your website may be, in the web environment today, visitors will never “automatically” attract and roll in. This is why law firms need good SEO and more importantly, why SEO matters if you want your business to be successful.

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