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Today’s blog comes from the Conway & Conway attorney website. They are a small law firm with locations in Manhattan and Long Island with a long history of success in the financial services community. They’ve used their blog to bring their established business onto the web, where they share legal case results, news and advice relative to the financial industry. There cases are largely focused on securities, futures and commodities arbitration matters, but they branch out into all areas of corporate law and litigation.

The company updates the blog relatively frequently, and includes posts on various interesting topics. Their latest update is titled “Former Wells Fargo Broker is Sentenced to Two Years” and briefs readers on a former Wells Fargo broker who was sentenced to time in prison for defrauding his clients. This information is directly relevant to their clients and potential clients, and also shows their awareness of international happenings in their field.

Additional blog posts go into other news stories, often supplementing these pieces with advice and information that makes these stories readable for all audiences. By keeping their blog up to date, this law firm is maintaining the quality of their website and attracting more attention to their business. Using the news as a source of inspiration for content is an easy and useful way to add content to your website on a regular basis.