Law Firm 101 – Starting Your Firm

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So, you decided to branch out and start your own business. You wanted to be your own boss. You have enough experience. You have clients. You have referrals. You have some sort of idea on how to begin. That’s good, but now what?

Here at Law Promo, we may not be lawyers, but take it from us, we know how hard it is to start a business. Starting out on your own is exciting! It is also nerve-wracking, stressful, and challenging. There’s so much to consider: legal staffing, finding an office, branding, marketing, finding a CPA, establishing an online presence, business verification – the list goes on.

It’s important to outline your goals from start to finish. Have a game plan, plan carefully, and research regularly. It’s important to know about business and marketing in today’s economy. You may have clients and you may have referrals, but how else are you going to generate business? Don’t get into the mindset of relying on your referrals. Referrals can only get you so far, and while they’re great, what happens when there are no more referrals coming through?

One way to generate business and establish legitimacy is to create a web presence. Create social media accounts. Start a blog. Get on Yelp. Get on Google Places. Post your services on Craigslist. Just be active online and in person.

Your business slowly becomes your life and there is no separating the two. From pre-launch to day-to-day business, you’ll have your hands full. You will struggle. There’s no doubt that you will struggle and sometimes you’ll think it was all a big mistake. You just have to remember your end game and take things one step at a time.

We’ve helped hundreds of lawyers get started online and we can help you. In this blog series, we’ll be giving start-up law firms advice on creating their online presence and starting their own law firm, so stay tuned!