Launch of The Law Offices of Andrew J. Naideck Website Redesign

Categories: Website Launches.

Today we’ve launched the redesign of The Law Offices of Andrew J. Naideck, LLC. The website features an open, clean design that complements the large amount of educational content located on the interior pages. Trust icons were also important on this website, and we’ve made sure to include them prominently on every page. Through Mr. Naideck’s hard work on his website content and our team’s design and web expertise, we’ve created an SEO optimized website that is pleasant to visit.

The website features a color scheme of royal blue, teal and silver, with a white background that facilitates reading comprehension. Mr. Naideck’s memberships in various associations including the New Jersey State Bar and the Better Business Bureau are located at the top of every page, and let visitors know immediately that his firm is legitimate. The tagline near the top adds “Experience Matters,” further supporting Mr. Naideck’s history with the legal profession and his ability to get results. Finally, the header images are related to Real Estate, Bankruptcy, and Wills, instantly educating potential clients about the firm’s practice areas and services.

Mr. Naideck was especially interested in search engine optimization for his website, and already knew that writing content would be very important for his website’s search engine success. He has eleven pages with detailed practice area content, which is not only great for his visitors, but will also go a long way in boosting his ranking online. He also took an interest in his page titles, ensuring that they were detailed and informative. Our web team added his help to our usual onsite SEO, and the site is now completely optimized for success.

The Law Offices of Andrew J. Naideck is a full-service firm that practices real estate, bankruptcy, estate planning, divorce law, personal injury, landlord and tenant, business law, traffic law, and criminal defense. The firm is located in Nutley, New Jersey and values personal attention at cost-effective prices. To see Mr. Naideck’s new redesign, visit the law firm website.