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Today we’re looking at the Keith E. Davis blog. Often when we discuss blogs with sole practitioners, they are concerned that they won’t have the time or energy to keep a blog updated. They also feel that since their law firm is only one person, there won’t be enough to write about to fill a blog.

The Keith E. Davis blog is a great example of successful sole practitioner content that is interesting and compelling. He writes about one blog update a month, which is a reasonable pace for anyone, and talks about a variety of topics. His most recent post is about National Autism Awareness Month, and although it has nothing to do with his firm, it provides educational information and a perspective into the thoughts and values of Mr. Davis.

On the other hand, the post before that provides useful instructions on how to handle the death of a spouse. The post is written with understanding and compassion for those who are enduring this struggle, but also provides vital and useful information about a subject that many don’t like to discuss. When a potential client stumbles upon this article, they will feel comforted and know that Mr. Davis cares about their well-being.

Are you a sole practitioner and interested in developing a blog for your firm? Blogs are a great way to educate your website’s visitors and build a presence in the web community. You may not have the resources of a larger firm, but you can be equally impressive online if you have a bit of extra time and energy. If you’re interested in bringing your thoughts and advice about legal services to the internet, call Law Promo today to discuss our blog implementation package.