Keeping up With the Jones’ : Your Law Firm’s Website Speaks Volumes

Categories: Legal Website Design.

In today’s ever changing marketplace, it is essential to be aware of the changes that affect your online presence and ultimately, your practice. The web is dynamic, which is why your site should be dynamic as well.

This means keeping up with modern web standards and routinely updating content to remain relevant in your field. Solidifying your reputation with a cutting edge, intuitive site will go along way when it comes to generating leads, taking on new cases and retaining clients.

The old adage “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” has been repeated ad nauseum for generations for one reason, people do it all the time. Your firms site is not merely a brochure with information about your firm, it is a reflection of your firm. With this knowledge, an ambitious attorney can make the necessary adjustments to ensure that their image is consistent with the quality of work they do. When a discrepancy exists between a service advertised and the service provided, the word gets out and potential clients look elsewhere. In the case of the world wide web, when a service is advertised in a less than elegant fashion, potential client’s are likely to continue their search for an attorney elsewhere.

So what is “less than elegant”, isn’t that subjective? The answer is not exactly, the major search engines use a number of criteria to determine how a site is ranked. A large amount of these criteria are directly related to functionality and layout. Content is still king, however, it is important for your site to be user friendly across all platforms. Reports dating back to 2014 estimate that roughly 60% of total web traffic is from mobile devices. With this knowledge, upgrading your website to be responsive on desktops, phones & tablets is certainly a sound investment. In the legal world, appearance is important. You wouldn’t show up to a deposition or meet with a client with food in your teeth, wearing a stained shirt and have a loose shoelace. The same applies to your website, a poorly constructed website will discourage potential clients from hiring you. On the contrary, a law firm website with a strong design and meaningful content with leave a lasting impression on someone considering your services. In the long run, this will translate to more business and increased credibility.