Joomla vs. WordPress

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When Law Promo began, we wanted to find the right Content Management System to use for our websites. We wanted something that would have a user-friendly approach to both developers and clients. During our decision process, we had the opportunity to try both WordPress and Joomla as a content management system, and in today’s post, we’ll be explaining why we chose Joomla over WordPress.

WordPress is a popular open source CMS platform that is usually the go-to option because of all its possible add-ons, widgets, and simplicity. It’s user-friendly and intuitive, and on top of that, it’s easy to customize with the millions of WordPress templates already pre-configured and designed for instant use. However, because WordPress is so popular, it is also less secure. It is the favored CMS to attack by hackers and malicious codes since it is so universal. While it is simple, the layout of the CMS is cluttered and less organized. When we used WordPress, we felt that it was a great blogging platform, but that it wasn’t suited for what we were trying to accomplish with our website designs. We felt the WordPress CMS was too blogger-centric for our tastes.

The reason we use Joomla is because we found it to be better at organizing a large set of information. Like WordPress, Joomla also offers a long list of extensions. It is more secure than WordPress, and it helps provide us with broad SEO options. The Joomla CMS layout gives you complete control over the front end of the website and allows for the creation of more customizable modules. Joomla features a more complex user interface that may take some time getting used to, but it is still simple enough to be used by people who aren’t tech-savvy. We found Joomla to be more suited towards those who have had more experience with websites and was a stronger CMS for websites that featured large amounts of content.

Both WordPress and Joomla have their benefits and drawbacks. It all comes down to preference. We chose Joomla because we felt it to be a stronger CMS with the type of websites we create. We decided to use WordPress as our premier blogging platform because it was simple for both clients and developers to utilize. While we prefer Joomla as our choice of CMS, we are still able and willing to use WordPress as a CMS to create a client’s website if our client has their heart set on WordPress. We create whatever our clients want us to create as long as it is within our scope of abilities.

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