International Business and Intellectual Property Law Firm Website Design

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Intellectual Property Law Firm Web Design

Law Promo’s latest attorney website design project takes a new direction and style to display our International Business and Intellectual Property Law Firm Client’s expertise and creativity.

Our client approached us a few weeks ago after finding our law firm website design services online. They spoke with one of our sales representative who helped guide them towards the best package for their firm. After discussing with other partners and hashing out the details and features of the website, they decided to sign on with Law Promo and we got to work on their new law firm web design.

Like all our designs, we began with a simple questionnaire to get a feel for our client’s needs and style. They listed a few of our attorney web designs from our portfolio that appealed to them, but they weren’t sure whether it’d appeal to their target market. They were also unsure of which direction to take since both their practices were on opposite spectrums. While they valued creativity, they didn’t want to make a radically creative lawyer website for fear of alienating their international business clients; likewise, they didn’t want a radically conserved law firm website that would alienate their intellectual property clients.

Luckily, our design team had a few ideas on how to tread the delicate balance between the two practice areas. It was all in the presentation and color scheme. Our team decided to incorporate a high resolution image as the full-width background. The banner of the website features our client’s logo along with their contact information on a transparent white background. The main menu is displayed below the banner on a transparent black background. Our client’s call to action is featured prominently below the main menu against the background image.

The main body content for this lawyer website design is broken up into three columns: main content, practice areas, and contact form. The practice area portion is highlighted in a dark blue box to draw wandering eyes. The footer is divided into two segment tables, each one serving a different purpose for the viewer: the top segment features a gray background with sitemap details and a mini menu, while the bottom showcases our client’s logo, full contact information and social media accounts for twitter and Facebook.

With this lawyer web design, our team felt that they found the right balance between business and creative. The website is professional and businesslike in the presentation and information, while the creative aspects come in little details that accentuate the overall design. This law firm web design is a departure from our usual style, but we’re happy with the outcome.

This is the mockup stage and refinements to the design are expected to be made. Feedback is key to each design and we’ll update you on the next round of changes. Until then, if you’re interested in a lawyer website like the one above, we invite you to look through our attorney website design portfolio.