International Business Law Attorneys Website Design Development

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Web design

We recently acquired an international business law attorney client who reached out to us after finding our website design services online. They had approached us hoping we’d be able to redesign their current website. While unsure of exactly which direction to take with their web design, it wasn’t a problem for our awesome team and we happily took on the project. This mockup is the first phase of our design process and changes are expected to be made.

With all new projects, the project manager sends out a brief questionnaire for the client to answer. The questionnaire is meant to focus and determine what the client is looking for while also providing our design team an idea in order to sketch out initial designs. After receiving the questionnaire from our international business law clients, our team was able to come up with a preliminary sketch of what our client wanted based on the questionnaire. The words “modern”, “professional”, “corporate”, and “business” were derived from the questionnaire, so our team focused on making sure the mockup would display the traits shown above.

The first step our design team took was deciding on a color scheme. They decided upon a contrasting color scheme of navy blue, black, white, and gray in order to enhance the website’s modern, professional, and business feel. With the color scheme out of the way, the next step was to decide upon a layout. Our design team thought it best to keep the layout simple, yet effective: the main menu sits right below the firm’s logo for easy access to information. In big blue boxes, the client’s practice areas are listed prominently. News updates and publications are listed to the left of the website and to the right is a brief introduction to the firm for visitors to read. Lastly, in order to modernize the website, our design team decided upon an enlarged graphic loop featuring photos that enhance the firm’s professional image.

We love a challenge. While this website is still in the mockup stage, we feel strongly that we’re heading in the right direction. Stay tuned to Law Promo’s Current Project Showcase for more updates on this project!