Indiana Criminal Defense Attorney Responsive Web Design

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We have got to admit, we were totally a sucker for this quote: “The simplest things are often the truest.” ­ Bach. No not the Bach you’re thinking about. Not the musical genius, Johann Sebastian Bach. It’s Richard Bach whose quote inspired us. Our web­design hopefully screams this.

We were going for a minimalist look and wanted teh criminal defense law website design to be drafted in a transparent manner. And we think we did it right. By adding high­quality pictures to each page of the website, the minimalist tone was simmered down to an enjoyable state for all: minimalists and non­minimalists alike.

If you know that you want a clean way to start your own law firm’s online presence, using minimum distractions on your law office design will enhance what you are trying to say. Many viewers will find it refreshing to see such a clean cut simple design for a lawyer. It’ll make you look like a no bull lawyer. Keep it hip, keep it simple. Speak to all those clients who need a little more simplicity in their lives.