Immigration Law Website Design for New York Immigration Attorneys

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We are currently working on a design for NYC based Immigration Attorneys, this project is both challenging and exciting. This particular niche gives us the opportunity to make big decisions, which will effect the identity of the firm as well as the impression the site gives a potential client.

The header, though not pictured, will feature timeless imagery of the New York Skyline. As with other attorneys specializing in immigration law, we’ve made a conscious effort to appeal to a wide demographic by making immigrants from many different countries feel represented on the site. This is done by incorporating the respective flags of countries (the clients frequently immigrate from) in the form of graphic logos. Right above those logos are the phone numbers for the 3 offices.

The slideshow features images of the statue of liberty and a permanent resident card, invoking a feeling of trust and determination in the sites visitors. Main content is laid out to make the text accessible while providing visitors with links to important documents. The sidebar positioned to the right has quick links to files listed, this is styled with a grey gradient, a subtle touch that stays consistent with the theme of the website, New York. Beneath the link(s) is a section with phone numbers listed again and a news feed with immigration news that may be pertinent to a site visitor.

The footer of the site will be divided into three sections, all with backgrounds featuring a grey gradient. Practice areas and useful links and resources are reference below, ensuring that this information won’t be overlooked. This website is simple and easy to navigate, content is organized in a clean fashion and the user experience will be frustration free. Accessibility is the major theme here to guarantee someone in need of the firms services will find what they need and find it fast.