Illinois Loading Dock Injuries Lawyers

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A loading dock is the area at the side of a building where goods are loaded and unloaded from vehicles.
This area can be a chaotic and dangerous place. During a typical work shift, many semi-trucks come and go, while large numbers of employees work in and around the dock.

Hard-working dockhands often face hazardous conditions that can lead to loading dock injuries and deaths.

If you were working on a loading dock and sustained a serious injury, you are entitled to receive compensation for your damages. Workers’ comp in Chicago is a no-fault system, meaning it’s not required for anyone to be found negligent for the insurance company to have to pay for your damages; the mere fact that you suffered the injury while at work is enough.

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If dockhands have received the proper training to perform their job, the risk of loading dock accidents is significantly reduced. However, even if workers and their employers follow proper guidelines, accidents still occur. Read more: