How to Make Your Lawyer Website More User-Friendly

Categories: Legal Website Design.

Your law firm website is a marketing tool for your legal services so it is of utmost importance that when your potential clients land on your site, that they are able to read your content and navigate through your pages easily and intuitively. There are several ways you can increase the usability of your attorney website to ensure that your prospects are more likely to become clients for your firm.

The most common mistake law firms make is cluttering their website in an attempt to cram all of the information they’d like to share on their home page. Your home page should serve as a landing page for your potential clients. Make sure that it is clean, simple and aesthetically appealing. This is not the place to make your clients turn and run. You want to entice them to read more and you want to give them a good feeling about your law firm and the legal services you can provide them. Be generous with white space, margins and padding so your web content is easy on your readers’ eyes.

To make your content easier to read and more appealing to look at, break it up with topic headings and graphics or visual imagery. Don’t overload your readers with too many flashy bells and whistles because really the content that shares with them what you have to say about your legal services is the most important thing you have to offer. But soften the edges with some attractive yet professional design elements.