How the Mobile Web Works – Law Firm Website Design

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mobile web

For example, a criminal defense law firm can have a mobile website offering advice on the steps to take when a loved one or friend is arrested. These steps can contain general advice, such as asking the arresting police officer where the accused will be held, and not to talk to the police or anybody else about the alleged crime until they have a lawyer present.

This mobile website would come in very handy for people who are not near a personal computer at the time their friend is arrested, and your law firm’s contact information will come conveniently with the advice. Your law firm can implement features that makes reaching you even more convenient than merely contact information.

There can be a “call” button, or a “SMS text” button, which leads to a direct line to your offices. Having a mobile website offering general advice to specific procedures that fall under your area of expertise works for a number of practice areas, not just criminal law.

A mobile website can help your current clients as well. If people wrote down your contact information incorrectly, or skipped taking note of it altogether, they can look up your law firm’s mobile website for this information when they are not near a computer.

As 51% of mobile web consumers use their phones to find driving directions, directions to your offices will be helpful, and they can integrated to work with the mobile phone‘s GPS. You can also include a FAQ. The benefits are twofold, because your clients will not need to call you to ask for directions or other general questions.

Increase the ways to make your clients’ lives easier, and they will more likely remain loyal customers.