How Press Releases Can Help Increase Your Law Firm’s Exposure

Categories: Law Firm Marketing.

Issuing a press release every time your law firm reaches a new exciting milestone such as a new case you take on and of course every time you win a case, is an extremely powerful way to expand your web presence and gain increased, much-deserve exposure online.

Press releases are highly cost efficient, giving them an excellent return on investment as they not only have the potential to bring in new clients but also to boost your reputation online. Issuing a press release is essentially a way to communicate with your potential prospects through the press.

So why wouldn’t you simply start an advertising campaign instead of issuing a press release? The answer is simple. Advertising is much more expensive and because it is so much more direct, it can actually be less effective. A press release is composed in a tone that is neutral and factual, giving potential clients a third-party view of your law firm.